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Life sciences

The key trend that is driving change in the life sciences industry is patient-centric care model, patients are evolving from passive patients to an active consumer who wants to be informed about all treatment options available and demand the best treatment outcome at the lowest cost from providers (Hospitals, Physicians, Clinics, Laboratories and others). Life science companies are embracing digital transformation for more patient-centric care. Digital technologies help gain customer insights, understand patients better, and deliver a personalized patient experience. Reducing costs, managing regulatory changes, new product development, and improving digital effectiveness are at the top of the list for life sciences companies.

Accrete Solutions helps life science organizations leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of their business processes while continuously performing transformation to meet contemporary business needs. We have helped many life science organizations on their Customer management vision using our deep expertise, tools, accelerators, and ready-to-use solutions in the following areas:

Multi-Channel Customer Engagement

Consistent and superior customer experiences across all channels, sites and lines of business resulting in increased customer loyalty and “ease of doing business”. Enabling first call resolution, reducing hold time, providing customers easy access and quick responses through telephone, email and chat improve customer satisfaction. Self Service capability on Service call status, Service Order status, Service History, Entitlements and Sales order status provide customers with real time information.

Analytics focused on the customer allows companies to communicate findings to marketing, product development and the service organization on a continuous basis, which helps in meeting their business objectives and enrich the customer experience.

Transform Field Service Operations

Help companies enhance service performance and agility across businesses by redesigning processes for greater flexibility and responsiveness, building more open, connected and trusted service ecosystems, and delivering personalized customer experiences. Improve First Time Fix rate, Unique Device Identification (UDI) Tracking, Predictive Preventive maintenance, Resource scheduling based on Technician skills and availability, Remote monitoring of smart devices and automation with machine learning. Reduce revenue leakage by better tracking of Warranty, Entitlement and Installed base.

Provide thought leadership and strategic direction on a variety of complex service business issues including service fulfillment efficiency, logistics optimization, revenue management and parts management.

Mobile applications for productivity improvement

Mobile apps enable highly efficient and productive field workforce to successfully complete complex service orders, create service tickets, get customer signature on service reports, provide pricing of labor and parts and allow offline work. Seamless integration with backend ERP and CRM while providing Customer, Installed base and Service history information.

Streamline Depot Repairs

Streamline the flow of defective product through the entire reverse logistics process, from initial receipt and triage to repair, quality assurance, and shipping. Help in tracking of the equipment through repair and calibration process including repair status, Turnaround time reduction, warranty coverage, repair cost reduction, repair estimates and invoicing. Provide an efficient system for tracking and managing the lifecycle of recall and compliance program, from initial notification, to final disposition and closure, while maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs and reducing risk.

Effective complaint-handling process, not only to collect feedback from unsatisfied customers, but also provide means for failure investigations and subsequent corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), while ensuring regulatory compliance, patient safety and customer satisfaction.

CRM Vision and Roadmap

Accrete Solutions works with Life science companies to develop a comprehensive CRM roadmap and strategy, for its customers (patients and hospitals), by interviewing key stakeholders, understanding their CRM vision, identifying key capabilities and metrics, leverage industry best practices and business experience. The roadmap includes multi-phase solution roadmap, change management plan, Business Case/ROI, Process improvement and alignment. The roadmap puts the company in the path of achieving a 360-degree vision of its global customer management operations and CRM vision.

Digital Commerce Strategy

Help Life Science companies in developing a global Digital Commerce (B2B/B2C) strategy for various markets and countries. Leverage the digital strategies to transform legacy business models by improving customer experience, providing a consistent view of products, simplify the buying experience by intelligent recommendations of products, true Omni channel experience across various devices & touch points and driving customers to lower-cost transaction models like Web self-service. This drives improvement in areas like providing customer insight and buying behavior, reduction in transaction cost, streamlined order processing and fulfillment, optimization along the entire e-Commerce value chain and integrated e-commerce solution.

Channel Revenue Management

Channel partner sales processes, systems and procedures in most companies do not exist and at best are manual. Accrete Solutions helps define and implement a channel partner strategy which provides real time information to the Sales Reps on channel information like Channel Inventory, Partner Claims, POS, Channel incentives and Channel analytics. Channel contracts, Pricing and Rebate management allow for tracking usage and compliance, as well as payments against actual transactions, while reducing revenue leakage and lowering operational costs. Enabling channel partners to collaborate with Life science companies by leveraging partner portal helps in simplifying the interactions between channel partner and company, sharing leads and opportunities, managing loyalty programs and Partner recruitment & training.

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