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Business Strategy

Guide a client’s Vision & Strategy from concept to fully realizing positive impacts on shareholder value.

Business Strategy

Our suite of Business Strategy Service offerings is designed to guide a client’s investments through every phase from concept to fully realizing positive impacts on shareholder value. Our services begins with helping to create an ambitious vision focused on achieving measurable business and customer satisfaction improvements, and aligning key executives and senior management from across the entire organization to this shared vision.

Business Strategy Service offerings include:

  • Customer Centric Executive Visioning
  • Cross Functional Executive Alignment
  • Implementation Success/Failure Assessments
  • Strategic Alignment Reviews at Key Implementation Phases
  • Post-Implementation Assessment
  • Customized Business Strategy Studies.

Business Process Improvement

Identify and address inefficiencies resulting in revenue & cost leakages across marketing, sales and service & parts management functions.


We assist clients through other process enablement models to drive improvements within their Marketing, Sales and Service organizations, and in a manner that benefits the entire organization, and not optimize one process to the detriment of another. We can assist organizations in identifying process improvements within a matter of days though our proven accelerators and experiences facilitators.

Process Enablement services include:

  • Process reviews for revenue & cost leakages across the broad spectrum of marketing, sales and service functions and through back-end process integration
  • Lead to Cash improvements across the macro-level process.
  • Customer and Field Service process review and optimization.
  • Channel partner and dealer process integration.
  • Process-alignment to drive the most value out of mobility and web-channel initiatives.

SAP CRM On Premise & C4C

Full-service, turn-key SAP CRM solutions, both on Premise and Cloud for Customer (C4C) with unique experience in Customer- and Field Service.

SAP CRM On Premise & C4C

Our team brings deep experience in a wide range of SAP products, with unique experience in SAP CRM and ECC Service Management. 

From individual specialist skills to full-service, turn-key SAP CRM solutions, we can assist your CRM, ECC and HANA initiatives. We bring our extensive, Big 5 consulting experience to our customers, ranging from emerging mid-market companies to large enterprises.

We also assist our mid-market clients with the roll-out of SAP-All-in-One and SAP Business One ERP solutions.

Our SAP CRM Consulting services include:

  • SAP CRM Roadmaps, Requirements Validation, and Readiness Assessments
  • Cloud4Customers (C4C) evaluation and implementation services
  • Implementation services, whether leading implementations or providing expert staff to our clients or our partners SAP CRM & ECC Development Services, leveraging our onshore/offshore development model.

Cloud Enablement

Assist clients with selecting and deploying leading Cloud technologies including Servicemax, Entomo, Marketo and C4C .

cloud & web enablement

As a part of enabling value for our clients through the use of leading technologies, our team at Accrete Solutions brings implementation experience from a number of best in class Cloud solution providers.

  • Servicemax – the leading field-service cloud solution for medium and enterprise clients.
  • Cloud for Customer (C4C) – SAP’s C4C Cloud CRM solution enables Marketing, Sales and Service organizations to rapidly deploy customer-focused solutions
  • Entomo – a highly flexible and comprehensive cloud-based channel management platform, enabling automation and simplification of channel-related business functions.
  • Marketo – the leader in digital marketing software and solutions.
  • Hybris – delivers the top-rated E-Commerce software and Omni-channel solutions to help enterprises across the globe innovate faster and sell more.

Service and Support Strategies

Assist customers with Service & Support Strategies towards sustainable excellence in its Customer Service and Field Service organizations.

Service & Support Strategies

We utilize a proven leadership and management process for Service Strategy development and sustainable deployment in companies with cultures of high expectations. The process includes:

  • Establish the Mission for Service & Support
  • Establish 3-5 year breakthrough objectives for Service & Support
  • Establish annual objectives, Improvement Priorities and KPI’s
  • Develop and Implement Improvement plans
  • Implement Daily Management, effective Problem Solving and Disciplined Monthly Reviews.

We work with our clients to answer complex business questions such as:

  • What does best-in-class look like for my Sales & Service organizations? How do I get there?
  • Is Service & Support a strategic differentiator for my company?
  • How do we enable our employees and customers through better technologies?
  • How do we improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention while growing profitably?
  • Are we evolving with disruptive changes in our industry?

Service and Sales Transformation

Roadmaps and Transformation Initiatives that drive Improvement Priorities, Metrics/KPI's and jumpstart results .


We utilize a proven leadership and management process for We partner with customers of all sizes and across a range of industries to transform their customer-facing organizations and increase the impact on margins, growth, and market differentiation.

We offer a proven Business and Process Transformation models, helping customers to focus on high value, low investment opportunities that often help fund the larger, more complex initiatives.


As a Servicemax implementation partner, our experience in transforming service organizations and delivering business-impacting results on the Servicemax platform differentiate us from pure technology partners.


Accrete Solutions leverages its deep experience with customer field service and support to assist clients to evaluate, deploy and successfully use Servicemax. As a Servicemax implementation partner, our experience in transforming service organizations and delivering business-impact focused results differentiate us from pure-play technology partners.

ServiceMax is a complete field service solution helping companies of all sizes manage contracts, scheduling, service delivery and parts management, while also providing solutions for social, portals, and analytics.

Our Servicemax Consulting services include:

  • Service Strategy & Process Alignment to achieve most from your technology investments
  • Roadmaps, Requirements Validation, and Readiness Assessments
  • Design & Implementation services delivered by senior, Servicemax-certified consultants
  • Integration with existing Enterprise Applications Ongoing Support towards achieving targeted benefits

Mobility Enablement

We assist customers with selecting the right mobile platform, and building and deploying personalized solutions.


We assist customers through the process of determining a mobility vision, selecting the right solutions, and building and deploying their solutions.

Selecting the "right" mobility platform can be a daunting challenge. Deciding where to start and how to proceed is a significant challenge for many organizations, as mistakes can be very costly. Our Mobility Enablement initiative helps customers through this process, from determining an enterprise mobility strategy to selecting the platform, deciding the deployment sequence, scoping & mobilizing projects to implementing solutions, whether package-based or custom built.

Our Mobility Enablement services include:

  • Mobile Strategy development based on cost/benefit analysis.
  • Process reviews to help maximize value achieved through mobility enablement.
  • Solution evaluation and selection - including platform selection, form-factor selection and the "buy vs build" decision process.
  • Project roadmap development.
  • Mobility deployment initiatives, whether package-based or built for company-specific requirements.
  • Rapid, process centric development and deployment of Mobility applications through the Journey Platform. Ready to deploy applications for a wide range of customer and field service business functions.

Accrete Solutions

We work with clients of all sizes and industries to develop business visions and strategies for their Sales and Service & Support organizations that achieve long term, measurable success through truly transformed customer relationships.

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